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ShedRx Now Available in New Mexico, Offering Semaglutide Lozenges

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ShedRx, a weight-loss telehealth clinic, has announced its expansion into the state of New Mexico. The company now serves New Mexico residents who are interested in a powerful and effective weight-loss medication which offers a great deal of health and wellness benefits.

The clinic provides patients with a simple, safe and sustainable way to shed pounds. Medications like compounded Semaglutide, Tirzepatide and Tesofensine allow individuals to feel fuller longer, helping to lose and keep off weight.

Announcing this extension, the company noted that they are also rapidly expanding across the United States to cater to the needs of more clients and customers who wish to try the “miracle” weight-loss medication. Speaking on Semaglutide Lozenges‘ effectiveness, clients can start their weight loss in five minutes and start seeing results in just a couple of weeks.

The company shared positive reviews from its users. Current patient Aly Egan said, “ShedRx just makes it so easy, where if you have questions they’re super easy to get ahold of and navigate that for you, but you’re also not required to jump through all these hoops.”

Everything, whether asking the Care Team questions or ordering medication, takes place online. Information and help is at the patient’s fingertips 24/7. For Egan, medication was on her doorstep within the week of signing up.

Many more users of the weight-loss medications have reported improved health and wellness, including reduced joint pain, weight-loss twice as fast as other options and more. The medication helps users reduce their food intake. By eating less and feeling fuller longer, patients cut down on dietary consumption, enjoy a regulated appetite and benefit from improved weight-loss.

“I talked to a lot of medical providers,” Dani Bates, a patient, said. “I have a lot of friends who are PAs (Physician Assistants) or RNs (Registered Nurses) and everyone was like, ‘This drug is amazing.’”

New Mexico residents interested in exploring the effective weight-loss medication offered by ShedRx can get started in four quick steps. Visit the ShedRx website to see if you qualify. The signup process involves providing some medical history information so the team can help design the proper medication package and plan for each individual.

Once signed up, users will be matched with their board-certified clinician, who will review their information, assess them and develop a treatment plan for their weight-loss journey. The third step starts with prescription medications based on the client’s information. In many cases, clients are prescribed GLP-1s to kick-start their weight loss journey.

Clients are encouraged to measure their progress throughout their weight-loss journey to ensure they’re getting the required outcomes from using the medication. “I would totally recommend it,” Bates said. “I’ve had nothing but a great experience with ShedRx the entire time, so it’s been completely positive interactions [and] so helpful.”

Get started on a path to healthy weight loss with ShedRx’s Semaglutide Lozenges. Contact the weight-loss professionals on their website to sign up and start the process or text 480.933.1923.

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