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Provide truly effective red light therapy device–Bestqool Health launches brand new products

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Alden, New York Nov 2, 2023 (Issuewire.com) – Bestqool Health is a brand that focuses on red light therapy products and is committed to providing customers with a truly effective red light therapy treatment. Cleared by FDA CE FCC ETL, Bestqool light therapy products deliver safe, concentrated wavelengths of therapeutic natural light to your skin and cells, where reduces oxidative stress and stimulates cellular energy production.

The Founder’s Story

“I spent six months creating the original version of BQ60, nurturing it from an idea to a reality. To deal with my wife’s severe chronic arthritis.” Said Jacob, the founder and engineer of Bestqool Health, “My wife suffered from severe chronic arthritis, which caused her a lot of pain and got worse every winter. By chance, I learned that red light therapy can effectively relieve chronic arthritis pain, so I decided to use my electrical knowledge as an engineer to help my wife. This is considerably more difficult than anticipated. I spent six months creating the original version of BQ60, nurturing it from an idea to a reality. I kept racking my brains in minimizing EMFs and did my utmost to increase the power capacity while ensuring the unit was safe for use. Moreover, with so many kinds of bulbs available on the market, I spent plenty of time selecting and testing them, eventually obtaining the medical ones, which outperformed most of the other bulbs. While facing so many hardships, I ran out of my savings and once considered giving up, with my car sold and nowhere to live but to subsist in garage. What made the matter worse was that I even had a big loan. My wife didn’t leave me but persisted in staying by my side instead. Thus, I was then deeply touched and swore I must proceed and make it.”

“My belief in enhancing not just my wife’s life but also the lives of many others propelled me to persevere. Finally, to my surprise, the effect was excellent. From then on, she was able to enjoy the treatment at home and had more time to take care of her garden and play with our dog. With my family’s approval of further research and development of red light therapy devices, I decided to develop more products to better help more people. I have always been passionate about all things concerning health and wellness. I am constantly learning, thinking, and evolving, and our goal is to build Bestqool into a preeminent health and wellness company that empowers people with machines and information to optimize their performance and maximize their health spans.” Jacob explained why he founded Bestqool Health.

Bestqool Health, a brand devoted to providing truly effective red light therapy devices to customers, recently announced the launch of its new products. As a brand deeply involved in the red light therapy industry, Bestqool Health has always been known for its excellent quality and innovative technology.

Latest Product Launches

“Stronger, Better!” Bestqool Health aims at providing a stronger-quality and more effective red light therapy device, helping people improve their health conditions and light up their life quality.

Bestqool R&D team consists of a group of seasoned professionals who are well aware of the benefits of red light therapy on the human body and are committed to developing more advanced and efficient products. After a long period of investigation, R&D, and testing, Bestqool Health finally launched a series of new red light therapy devices to provide customers with a better choice.

Key Features of New Devices

The latest product Pro300 and BQ150, are not only larger and broader than prior models. What distinguishes them is an innovative upgrade in wavelengths. Pro300 and BQ150 are equipped with four wavelengths. 630nm & 660nm are both positive and non-invasive red light, which can help increase collagen, prevents cognitive decline, weight loss, helps hair regrowth, improves eye vision, support muscle recovery, better performance. 850nm & 940nm are both effective infrared light, which can help promote relaxation, soothe pain alleviating pain, heal bone injuries, promote tissue repair, enhances fertility, increases testosterone in men.

Continuous Innovation at Bestqool Health

In addition, Bestqool Health has upgraded BQ150 and Pro series to be splice, allowing customers who require extra treatment areas to splice two or more devices together. With the use of the new launch of mobile stand, customers can easily move the devices everywhere in the house or office to unlock more usage scenarios.

Bestqool Health believes, by continuous innovation and high-quality products, they can provide customers with a truly effective red light therapy experience, helping them improve their health and enjoy a better life.

Bestqool Health, always stands for best service, cool product.

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