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Upland and Own the Doge DAO Celebrate Legendary Internet Meme with Virtual Doge Cafe and NFT Drop for First Ever International Doge Day

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–News Direct–

Upland, the Web3 Super App, has joined forces with the Own the Doge collective to pay homage to the legendary Doge meme on the first-ever International Doge Day. This collaborative effort bridges the physical and digital worlds by celebrating the iconic Shiba Inu, Kabosu, with a real-world event in Japan and an immersive metaverse experience in Upland.

The grand opening of the Upland virtual Doge Cafe, situated in the same virtual location as its real-world counterpart, will take place on November 1-2. The Upland community, crypto enthusiasts and Doge lovers alike are invited to partake in this celebration and witness the live unveiling of a bronzed tribute to Kabosu, generously presented by Bronze The Doge, set against the backdrop of Sakura City Park, Japan.

Upland has carefully synchronized the launch of its virtual Doge Cafe and Doge statue with the real-world event. Much like the real-world cafe, attendance is free for all, welcoming Doge enthusiasts, dog lovers, and the Upland community. Existing Upland players visiting the cafe, as well as newcomers who join Upland through the Own the Doge collective, will be rewarded with an exclusive airdropped Doge Block Explorer NFT, marking the creation of the latest iconic landmark in the Upland metaverse.

"This collaboration with Own the Doge is a testament to our growth in the Japanese market and our ability to provide an innovative experience in the metaverse that celebrates the culture and its communities, says Danny-Brown Wolf, chief of staff at Upland. As we continue to build the open metaverse, were looking forward to building on this opportunity with the Own the Doge collective with more communities in crypto, blockchain, gamefi, and beyond.

Upland's expansion into Tokyo earlier this year, coupled with its partnerships with two prominent Japanese blockchain communities, demonstrates its dedication to localizing the metaverse experience and paying homage to Japan's rich culture. With recent funding extensions and community endorsement to trade its in-game utility token on external exchanges, Upland remains committed to expanding its geographical footprint and empowering communities to thrive on the platform. The Upland metaverse offers a plethora of activities for players and creators, including virtual property trading, world-building, collecting, and exciting competitions, such as car racing. The platform also fosters businesses in the Metaverse, enabling entrepreneurs to run their shops and contribute to a flourishing digital economy driven by UPX, Upland's native currency, and Spark, the utility token that fuels value creation within the highly engaged community.

Own the Doge is the moniker of the Web3 collective that secured the rights to an NFT featuring the most iconic image of Doge, depicting Kabosu, the Shiba Inu owned by Japanese blogger Atsuko Sato. The Doge NFT was initially procured by PleasrDAO for a staggering 1696.9 ETH, equivalent to approximately $4.8 million at the time. This acquisition made it the most valuable meme NFT globally and the third-most expensive photo ever sold. Afterward, the Doge NFT was fractionally sold to thousands of fans, enabling them to own a part of one of the most renowned internet memes in history.

International Doge Day signifies a celebration of Kabosu's enduring legacy. The Own the Doge collective will unveil a Bronze Doge Statue in Tokyo's Sakura City Park, with the festivities being captured by the same film crew responsible for the official Doge Documentary, promising a climactic scene for the crypto community to savor.

As one of the most prominent and rapidly growing metaverses on the blockchain, Upland positions itself as the Earth's metaverse, spanning numerous global cities mapped to the real world and accessible via the Web, iOS, and Android. To discover more about Upland, join the thriving community on the website at www.upland.me, and follow Upland on X (formerly Twitter) and Discord. Upland is also available for download on iOS and Android devices from the App Store and Google Play. To read the Sparklet White Paper and stay updated on Upland's utility token developments, explore the Sparklet pages on the Upland website www.upland.me/sparklet.

About Upland

Upland, the Metaverse Super App, is a web3 metaverse platform mapped to the real world on a mission to build the largest digital open economy. Its ecosystem is a diverse community of players, entrepreneurs, creators, developers, and brands, all benefiting from true ownership and guaranteed intellectual property rights powered by blockchain technology. Currently, Upland is one of the most widely-used web3 platforms with over 3 million registered accounts, nearly 300,000 landowners, and has sold more than 6 million NFTs. The platform offers various activities for players and creators, including virtual property trading, world-building, collecting, and fun competitions like car racing. Metaverse entrepreneurs can also operate their own shops, contributing to a thriving economy powered by UPX, the native currency which serves as a medium of exchange, and Spark, a utility token that fuels the value creation by a highly-engaged community. Upland is headquartered in Silicon Valley, with additional offices in Las Vegas, Ukraine, and Brazil. It was founded by serial entrepreneurs in July 2018 and launched in June 2019. Upland is accessible on the web, the App Store, and Google Play, allowing users from around the world to experience the metaverse.

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