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Westchester Eyes Announces Diagnostic Technology For Blurry Vision In New York

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Westchester Eyes announced that it is now providing more diagnostic options for patients struggling with fluctuating or blurry vision, poor dark adaptation, night blindness, and other symptoms that may be signs of an underlying eye condition. Westchester Eyes’ latest technology will also allow their optometrists to determine whether there are any neurological factors associated with a patient’s vision problems.

For more information, please visit https://www.westchestereyes.com/

With an estimated 20 million Americans suffering from some form of visual impairment (Georgetown University), a number that is expected to rise as the population continues to age, Westchester Eyes aims to help their patients by offering them the latest advanced diagnostic tools and alternative treatments for ocular issues. According to the optometry group, early diagnosis and management of conditions such as chronic dry eye disease and glaucoma can significantly reduce the chances of permanent vision loss and irreversible damage to the eye, making routine check-ups vital to preserving an individual’s eye health.

With the announcement, Westchester Eyes encourages patients who experience symptoms such as blurry vision and night blindness to schedule an eye examination with one of the team’s optometrists. This in-depth exam will include an internal and external evaluation of the eye, as well as visual function, visual acuity, and fluid pressure tests.

The office is also equipped with the latest patented imaging and eye-tracking technology, including the Visionix VX120 Multi-Diagnostic Unit, Tomey Specular Microscope EM-3000, Huvitz HS-7000/HS-7500 Slit Lamp, and AdaptDx Pro, which can all be used to examine different parts of the eye for any abnormalities. With the interactive AR/VR Heru Vision Diagnostic Platform, Westchester Eyes can perform additional color vision, contrast sensitivity, and dark adaptation tests, allowing them to provide patients with a more comprehensive diagnosis.

By making the latest innovations in diagnostic equipment accessible to their patients, Westchester Eyes continues to stay true to its mission of improving quality of life through optimizing eye health.

“Westchester Eyes provides the highest-quality, compassionate eye care to ensure your family enjoys a happy and healthy life,” says lead optometrist Dr. Eric C. Rubinfeld. “With us, eye care goes far beyond a simple examination. We have a full range of optical equipment to ensure that you receive the quality of care you have come to expect.”

Interested parties can learn more about Westchester Eyes and the services they offer by visiting https://www.westchestereyes.com/

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