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TETHEREUM EXCHANGE is Launching Very Soon with 350+ Payment mode Globally

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California City, California Sep 8, 2023 (Issuewire.com) – TETHEREUM started with a simple mission: to empower the forgotten four billion unbanked and underbanked, so they have control of their money in a way they’ve never had before. An immigrant from Japan raised in the heart of New York, Kiyoshi Nakamoto has always had a passion for helping others. He dreamed of a world where finance was accessible to everyone and that idea manifested as TETHEREUM EXCHANGE.

Our Values

We live and work by three simple values to guide us on our mammoth quest.

1-Be a Hero
At TETHEREUM EXCHANGE, we use superhuman efforts to get the job done. We work around the clock to provide our users with what they’ve been dreaming of. We’re making the impossible a reality to change the lives of billions around the world.

2-Build for People

When we make decisions at TETHEREUM EXCHANGE, we think about people–not profits. We’re going to the places the rest of the world has ignored and forgotten. We’re helping families to thrive, building schools, and enabling our users to become their own boss.

3-Stay Connected to the Streets

We listen to our community 24/7 at TETHEREUM EXCHANGE. We’re not in skyscrapers with “the suits”–we’re on the streets with the people. We’re always talking with our users, asking them for their feedback, and creating something even better.

Our Product

TETHEREUM EXCHANGE is changing the way the world moves money and embraces crypto – allowing transfers with anyone, anywhere, at any time.No bank account. No problem. We have over 350+ payment methods to choose from, making it easy for you to move your money the way you like.

People-Powered Technology

TETHEREUM EXCHANGE is entirely peer-to-peer, which means our users trade with real people–the way bitcoin was intended to be used.

Free Crypto Wallet

Reliable, easy to use, and doesn’t cost you a penny. Our digital wallet gives everyone a safe place to store their wealth — no matter who you are or where you’re from.


Safety and security are the most important factors when it comes to your money. All trades on TETHEREUM EXCHANGE are protected by our secure escrow service to guarantee peace of mind.


At TETHEREUM EXCHANGE, we believe Cryptocurrency is the future and a vehicle for change. Tethereum Foundation is our initiative to provide opportunities, improve lives, and make the world a better place for communities that need it the most, using Tethereum Token.

The goal? To build 100 schools, water facilities, and entrepreneurial incubators funded entirely by Tethereum. Our simple motto is “by the people, for the people”.

Tethereum Foundation also helped with COVID-19 relief in Africa–with generous contributions from our users and friends we were able to provide food, hand sanitisers, and other protective equipment to those in need, Tethereum Foundation also donated 1 Million Tethereum Tokens to Ukraine and Russia war and another 1 Million Tethereum Token Donated to India Covid Relief Fund.

Join us! Let’s change the world together.

Business Contacts

If you have a support issue or want to give us feedback about how we can improve our products, we’d love to hear more about it here. However, if you want to contact TETHEREUM EXCHANGE about other business-related inquiries, we’re also available through other channels.


Do follow the Tethereum Twitter highlights to know what to expect at the Afterparty.
To follow up on the conversation and enhance your engagement with us and our participants, please join the Telegram Group.
Sales and Partnerships

To inquire about becoming a partner. Let us know if you’re interested in partnering with us by emailing hey@tethereum.net

To know more about Tethereum you should visit their website www.tethereum.exchange and www.tethereum.net.

Tethereum’s contract address is 0xe9A5C635c51002Fa5f377F956A8CE58573D63d91.

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