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Cybersecurity Tech Company Sekur Reports Increased Traffic And Conversion Rates After Launching Revamped Website

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By Rachael Green, Benzinga

This month, Sekur Private Data (OTCQB: SWISF) (CSE: SKUR (FRA: GDT0) announced the launch of its updated website, featuring all new product pages for its leading secure and private communications solutions: SekurVPN, SekurMessenger and SekurMail. The move is part of Sekurs larger 2023 strategy to increase sales by growing brand awareness and driving more traffic to their site.

We are now seeing the beginnings of the strategy bearing fruit and are very encouraged to stick to our strategy, said Sekur CEO Alain Ghai. Our site visits are increasing, and our conversion rate is increasing as well.

The Revamped Website Better Showcases The Security And Privacy Features Of Each Sekur Solution

The new website provides dedicated pages for each of Sekurs major security and privacy solutions, giving consumers better information on how each solution works and what separates it from other products on the market.

SekurVPN, for example, offers the worlds first commercially available Swiss-hosted, data mining-free, non-bigtech hosted, private encrypted virtual private networks (VPNs) on the market. Where other providers often rely on third-party hosting or bundle their VPN service with third-party add-ons like anti-virus software or ad blockers, therefore sharing users data with third-party service providers, Sekurs VPN solution is truly private. Its hosted exclusively on Sekurs own Swiss-based servers and doesnt tack on any third-party services.

That exclusivity is key in a market where data mining and data leaks are serious issues. While VPNs are meant to protect a users data, some VPN providers, including a Meta (NASDAQ: META) subsidiary that was fined $20 million earlier this year, have been caught tracking browsing history and sharing other sensitive data that users thought they were keeping protected by using the VPN.

Even when the VPN provider itself isnt data mining, those third-party services that get bundled with the VPN might. This can make it challenging to truly guarantee a secure and private connection. By leaving out the add-on services and relying only on its own data servers, Sekur is able to guarantee users that their traffic and other data are not being monitored, logged or shared.

Launched in April, the new SekurVPN service adds to the companys portfolio of successful services including SekurMail and SekurMessenger. Both are also hosted entirely on Sekurs Swiss-based servers to ensure no Big Tech or other third-party companies have access to that data.

SekurMessenger is a mobile messaging app that offers multilayer encrypted messaging and the ability to communicate securely and privately even with people who dont have the app. No phone number or other identifying information is required to register, and an optional self-destruct feature lets you program your messages to automatically self-destruct after a specified amount of time. An enterprise version is coming in Q4, offering mass onboarding and archiving of employees data for compliance purposes and the possibility of creating a complete private intra-company messenger service.

SekurMail is a similar service but for email, giving your emails the same multilayer encryption and data privacy as the messenger app. Users can add password protection to individual emails so that only those with the password can read the email. It also offers a similar self-destruct option that can be programmed to delete the email after a certain expiration date or to delete it once its been opened a certain number of times. An enterprise version is also coming in Q4, offering mass onboarding and other email protections for C-level executives and management staff.

Looking ahead, Sekur said it plans to market all its solutions to the 30 million small businesses and enterprises across the United States, starting with a series of digital marketing campaigns slated to begin in the fourth quarter of this year.

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