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Art Print Merchandise: Unique Fashion Print-On-Demand Automated Service Launched

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This new print-on-demand service launched by 99GENS uses new technological advances to help consumers and merchants create and sell unique fashion items and merchandise, using only a few clicks, and with no prior experience.

More information about advances in print-on-demand technologies, integrated AI tools, and a private invite-only preview of the 99GENS service can be found at https://preview.99gens.com

Although print-on-demand services are not new, 99GENS has combined several emerging technologies to make the process easier and more efficient, while also eliminating the risks associated with overstocking. The new automation tools allow 99GENS to provide print-on-demand merchandise at near wholesale rates for even one-off items, and with no stock kept in inventory.

Merchants and artists can use 99GENS to create a wide range of branded or printed products, including apparel, home goods, and fashion accessories. The service uses a four-step process that includes everything required to create unique products, launch an online store, and sell merchandise to clients anywhere in the world.

99GENS users can access several built-in tools to help complete their designs, including generative AI for creating new graphics. Using generative AI, artists and merchants can build new designs, improve old designs, or add backgrounds to their own prints, with no graphic design skills required.

The resulting graphics, including user-uploaded images, will be automatically formatted into “print-ready” designs, to make the process more beginner-friendly. These designs can be printed on various items from the company’s extensive catalog, ranging from shirts and sweaters, to phone cases and backpacks.

The new platform will allow users to choose between several service tiers, ranging from a basic tier that allows users to create several designs at no cost, to a Pro tier, which includes a monthly service fee in exchange for an online store, and additional automation and marketing features. A full breakdown of each tier, its benefits, and costs, can be found on the 99GENS website.

A spokesperson for 99GENS explained, “One click merchification and e-Commerce allows you to turn art into premium, shoppable, products – in seconds. Just upload the art, generate your unique merch, and publish it online.”

More information about 99GENS, the private preview, and a full list of printable items can be found at https://markets.businessinsider.com/news/stocks/99gens-tech-platform-launches-invite-only-preview-today-making-print-on-demand-fashion-and-merchandise-accessible-to-everybody-1032590890


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