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Nevis Brands announces big expansion of Major brand in Nevada

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Nevis Brands CEO John Kueber joined Steve Darling from Proactive to share significant news regarding the company's expansion in the cannabis market.

Kueber announced that Nevis Brands has successfully secured an agreement with Silver State Wellness, a move that enables them to produce and distribute their product, Major, to cannabis retailers in Nevada. This achievement marks a pivotal step in Nevis Brands' growth strategy.

Kueber went on to discuss the production and availability timeline for Major in Nevada. The company is actively working to produce Major, with plans to make it available for sale in cannabis retail stores across Nevada by September 2023.

Major, a dosable cannabis beverage with 100mg of THC, is designed to deliver the effects of cannabis consumption within a relatively short time frame of 10-20 minutes.

Additionally, Kueber highlighted the expansion of Major's market presence, noting that it has grown from being available in five states to now covering six states. The beverage will come in five different flavors: Sunset Pink Lemonade, Pacific Blue Raspberry, Sacred Grape, Volcanic Orange Mango, and Passionfruit.

With its unique dosing mechanism and rapid onset of effects, Major aims to offer consumers an accessible and enjoyable cannabis consumption experience.

The collaboration between Nevis Brands and Silver State Wellness opens up new opportunities for the distribution and sale of Major in the Nevada cannabis market.

As Nevis Brands continues to expand its reach and product offerings, this latest development showcases its commitment to delivering innovative cannabis products to consumers.

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