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Freelancing Business Growth Workshop For Women Entrepreneurs: Report Launched

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The new report describes the program as a useful tool for women looking to explore side hustle jobs. It encourages readers to sign up for an upcoming workshop led by founder Alicia Lyttle where participants will learn about “freelance flipping” and how to create an additional revenue stream leveraging their own and others’ skills.

Find out more at: https://startupbusinesswire.com/post/freelancing-genius-review-created-by-alicia-lyttle

As more people have gotten used to working from home during the pandemic, there’s an increasing interest in the digital nomad lifestyle. As stated in the new report, Freelancing Genius aims to empower women to take the step to financial independence and show them a lucrative option to the 9-5 grid.

Startup Business Wire points out that the freelance industry is worth 1.2 trillion dollars. In addition, statistics presented by Forbes show that freelancing is growing in popularity, with 78% of companies relying more on self-employed workers and a 59% raise in full-time freelancers. The article also emphasizes that coaching from experienced entrepreneurs makes the transition easier for beginners.

The Freelancing Genius report from Startup Business Wire reflects the program’s comprehensive approach to guiding women on how to start an online business without the common pitfalls. Alicia Lyttle shares insights on how to find work with an easy-to-follow guide, aiming to alleviate some of the worries many newcomers to the industry experience.

The upcoming workshop also promises to be an inspiring event that promotes active participation. Previous students will share their success stories, showcasing how virtually anyone can grow a successful micro-gig business with the right tools.

Some topics that Lyttle will cover are how to identify profitable niches, establish pricing strategies, and leverage marketing tools. Freelancing Genius also provides an all-in-one platform for all practical needs, including managing invoices and time tracking.

“Learn the secrets from real students who have already succeeded in building their own profitable business,” said a spokesperson for Startup Business Wire. “With Alicia’s guidance, you can develop the skills to become a true freelancing genius.”

To read the guide in full, visit: https://startupbusinesswire.com/post/freelancing-genius-review-created-by-alicia-lyttle

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