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Rainbow Rare Earths hit major milestone producing rare earth sulphate

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Rainbow Rare Earths Limited CEO George Bennett joined Steve Darling from Proactive to share news that the front end of the Phalaborwa pilot plant in South Africa has successfully produced its first batch of mixed rare earth sulphate, totaling approximately 3 kg.

ennett highlighted that this milestone was achieved on time and met the expectations outlined in the Preliminary Economic Assessment. Specifically, the reagent consumption/costs and recoveries aligned with the projections of the PEA.

The front-end pilot plant's achievement involved the production of a 58% mixed rare earth sulphate product with an overall recovery of around 65%, in line with what was anticipated in the PEA. This mixed rare earth sulphate product includes all four of the most economically important rare earth elements, often referred to as the "magnet rare earths." These elements are crucial for making permanent magnets used in electric vehicles and wind turbines, which play a significant role in decarbonization efforts.

The mixed rare earth sulphate produced in the front-end pilot plant will serve as the feedstock for the back-end pilot plant, located at K-Tech facilities in Florida. The back-end pilot plant will carry out the final processing steps to separate the rare earth elements into individual rare earth oxides.

Bennett noted that the front-end pilot plant will continue operating for an additional quarter to further optimize recoveries and cost efficiency. This ongoing optimization process is essential to ensure that the production process is as efficient and economically viable as possible, ultimately contributing to Rainbow Rare Earths' goal of supplying valuable rare earth elements for various clean energy technologies.

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