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US Dynamic B2B Dataset Solutions With E-Commerce Enterprise Optimization Launch

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For mid-market and enterprise-level companies, LeadGenius now offers a data-driven prospecting service to help businesses fill their sales pipeline and automate their marketing more effectively.

More information can be found at https://www.leadgenius.com/

On average, companies implementing growth automation in their workflow see their sales team increase efficiency by 50% and secure 10 times more qualified leads, the firm notes. Now, with the latest update, LeadGenius is open to working with companies across the US through its Flow software – providing global account coverage, and precision data sourced on demand.

Many mid-market and enterprise companies struggle to effectively market and communicate without access to personalized, up-to-date data on their customers and prospects. LeadGenius solves this problem by providing tailored datasets on-demand, tracking customers at scale so clients always have current information readily available.

The Contact Insights capability tracks contacts as they move between companies, enabling clients to continue marketing to valuable prospects even after they switch employers. By maintaining connections with these high-value individuals, sales teams can reduce lead decay and improve sales productivity.

For companies shipping physical products, LeadGenius offers Contact Address Verification to eliminate costly returned mail – verifying addresses in advance, and ensuring marketing materials and packages reach the right individual every time.

The user-friendly LeadGenius Chrome extension saves clients up to 10 hours per week previously wasted on manual processes. With LeadGenius automating time-consuming, repetitive go-to-market tasks, sales and marketing teams can instead focus their efforts on meaningful conversations to meet goals faster.

LeadGenius has already demonstrated strong results for clients across industries. PayPal leveraged the service to identify three high-value opportunities representing over $3 million in potential processing volume within 90 days. PFL worked with LeadGenius to accelerate productivity by focusing sales efforts on verified, high-intent prospects. Additional details are provided at https://www.leadgenius.com/casestudies/

A spokesperson states: “The future of growth automation combines three traditionally separate categories: B2B data, data outsourcing, and robotic process automation. The LeadGenius dashboard and extension combine this into one powerful solution.”

Interested parties can learn more at https://www.leadgenius.com/products/

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