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Toggle3D.ai secures new revenue source with addition of generative AI photo rendering

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Toggle3D chief product officer Dasha Vdovina joined Steve Darling from Proactive to discuss a significant breakthrough in the company's artificial intelligence (AI) lab for generative AI photo rendering. Vdovina shared how this innovation is set to drive substantial revenue growth as part of the exclusive Toggle Pro Paid Subscription plan.

Vdovina explained that this revolutionary AI tool enables users to achieve realistic photo rendering for their 3D models, whether they are pre-textured or not. By uploading a 3D model, the AI rendering tool swiftly generates high-quality 2D images showcasing various texture design concepts for the user's model.

The AI technology situates the 3D object within a 2D scene and applies textures based on user-provided prompts. These 2D images offer users a rapid method for prototyping and visualizing different textures, styles, and materials for their 3D models.

Notably, this feature holds immense value for professionals, especially designers in the manufacturing sectors, as they prototype designs for diverse products such as furniture, automotive components, machinery, and more. The ability to swiftly experiment with textures and visual concepts can significantly streamline the design process and enhance creativity within these industries.

The integration of AI-driven generative photo rendering into Toggle3D's offerings underscores the company's commitment to innovation and providing practical solutions to its users. As this feature becomes part of the Toggle Pro Paid Subscription plan, Toggle3D is poised to provide enhanced value to its customers while capitalizing on the growing demand for advanced AI-driven design tools in the market. #proactiveinvestors #nextech3d.ai #cse #NTAR #otcqb #metaverse #toggle3d #AIPrototy

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