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O-Connect Announces Advanced AI-Powered Technology In There New Web Platform

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O-Connect has just announced its new endeavor, to take on the online world with their own web conferencing platform and its unparalleled Artificial Intelligent features. This looks to be great news for Business Centers, Educational Institutions, Governmental Organizations, Healthcare Professionals, Financial Advisors and other NGO’s and should prove beneficial to anyone looking for lower operational costs, accurate audio transcriptions, global communication using auto language translation, ultra high definition video and audio and much, much more. Be sure to checkout the article: Zoom Vs O-Connect

Further details can be found at https://collaborationsky.com

O-Connect by ONPASSIVE, is a popular Online Collaboration Tool based in Orlando Florida. ONPASSIVE has decided that it will make a real push to be known for its unparalleled Artificial Intelligent features and become the number one choice for presenters and collaborators who may be thinking about choosing their next video conferencing platform. O-Connect offers lower price per seat, accurate audio transcription services, global auto language translation, noise cancellation, ultra HD video and audio and much more.

Ash Mufareh, CEO at ONPASSIVE , said: “ONPASSIVE wanted to give our beloved audience unparalleled Artificial Intelligent features and we’re now making a bit of noise about it, because we were sick and tired of the current state of the video conferencing space..”

O-Connect has tried to separate itself from the competition since its inception, striving to do better than other Online Collaboration Tools around. This new endeavor is just one of the many ways it plans to continue standing out.

Ash Mufareh is also very pleased about his loyal and committed employees and brand ambassadors, and believes this is a key motivator for customers who have decided to go with them, as opposed to other platforms, since 2018.

This announcement is a great opportunity for folks who want cheaper pricing, interactive whiteboards, accurate audio transcriptions, to communicate globally with auto language translation, experience ultra HD quality video and audio with noise cancellation and to try out all of the amazing Artificial Intelligent features provided by O-Connect. So the call goes out to new and existing customers, who can expect to enjoy the best webinar/virtual meeting experience possible.

Ash Mufareh remarked, “Although O-Connect may not be the sole pioneer in this domain, I firmly believe we excel at what we do. I anticipate presenters and collaborators will prefer our platform over other platforms. O-Connect champions real-time collaboration and offers an array of features, enhancing the overall user experience.” O-Connect aims to provide an easy and better way of staying connected In the virtual world..”

Further details can be seen here: O-Connect and their unparalleled Artificial Intelligent features can be discovered at https://collaborationsky.com

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