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Toronto Medical Esthetic Certification 2023: Fast MedSpa Career Program Updated

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Using several advanced learning techniques and combining practical training with online schooling, these newly available courses from the Dermysk Medical Aesthetics Academy can help new students to become fully trained, certified, and ready to begin a new career in a MedSpa, in as little as 8 weeks.

More information about the Basic training program, the Dermysk Academy, and a full list of available courses can be found at https://academy.dermysk.com/

With this recently added training option, students can begin their schooling from anywhere in Canada with an internet connection, and complete the majority of their lessons without ever attending an in-person class. However, students will be required to spend at least one week getting hands-on experience at a Dermysk training center, which can be scheduled at their own convenience, at any location across Canada.

The Dermysk Academy currently offers 3 unique courses for medical aesthetics, as well as three courses that are restricted to licensed healthcare professionals. While the Basic course will provide students with certification in up to a dozen of the most popular MedSpa techniques, students may also return at any time for training in more advanced techniques.

In the Basic training, students will learn about the underlying science of common MedSpa techniques, such as how pulsed light is effective in treatments including laser hair removal, tattoo removal, and pigmentation treatments. Students will also learn how to use the required tools, deal with clients, and safely perform each technique.

After completing Basic training, students will be ready to join the workforce, with certification to perform radiofrequency rejuvenation, fractional ablation, laser acne treatments, and several other common techniques. Students may also choose to return at any time to learn more complex techniques, with the Advanced course.

In the Advanced training, students will learn complex techniques such as Body Sculpting, which uses non-invasive methods to physically reshape a client’s body. This Advanced training is also available through the Dermysk Academy’s Master-level course, which covers all of the procedures from both the Basic and Advanced programs, as well as exclusive training only available through this program.

All graduates from the Dermysk Academy will be enrolled in the school’s after-graduate support program, which helps to highlight career and training opportunities for certified MedSpa workers. Graduates of the Master-level training will also receive a Master of Medical Aesthetics certificate.

More information about the Dermysk Medical Aesthetics Academy, the individual courses, and registration details can be found at https://academy.dermysk.com/

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