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New Brunswick, NJ Relocation Mover, Safe Carrying For Heavy Items Guide Launched

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This new comprehensive guide from Movers.com explores safe techniques for lifting and carrying heavy items, a range of strategies to make the job easier, and a simple tool for estimating the cost of hiring a professional.

More information about heavy lifting strategies, important safety information, and how to estimate the cost of professional movers can be found in the full report at https://www.movers.com/moving-guides/moving-heavy-items.html

For most individuals, the heaviest items in the home are also likely to be some of the most valuable, which can cause increased stress when performing a move without professional help. As such, Movers.com’s recently published guide suggests several tools, such as furniture slides and a dolly, that can make these items easier to carry, or allow them to slide easily along the floor.

When moving particularly heavy items, such as refrigerators, freezers, and large furniture, the report highlights that each item could require several people. For safety reasons, these items should never be moved without assistance, and individuals should either seek help from friends, relatives, or a professional moving service provider.

To estimate the cost of a professional service, readers can use the “Get Quotes” feature on Movers.com to receive up to 7 estimates from local moving companies, with no cost or obligation. These quotes are available to all readers within the USA simply by filling out a single form with details about their upcoming move and the services they require.

However, the report suggests that readers should plan ahead before their helpers arrive, as some appliances may require as long as 24 hours before they are ready to be relocated. This is a fairly common problem with refrigerators, which need to be unplugged and left to defrost before moving and should never be tipped on their sides, or upside down.

The full report from Movers.com includes strategies for minimizing the weight of furniture before moving it, clearing and analyzing the pathway, and ensuring that all items are packed securely. Readers can also find information about using dollys, handcarts, and furniture slides, as well as simple tips for working with professional movers.

More information about the Movers.com rate estimate tool, professional movers in New Brunswick, and other reports about safe moving strategies can be found at https://www.movers.com/moving-companies/nj-new-jersey/new-brunswick/cheap-movers.html

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